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We have just finished our Evaluation Report for the initial pilot of Fiosracht.

Click this link to take a look at the report.

Fiosracht is an educational initiative, funded by the Science Foundation of Ireland's Discover programme, which aims to promote public engagement with STEM. Fiosracht is based in Tallaght, with a focus on serving the wider South County Dublin region. One of our primary objectives, is to empower the ‘harder to reach children’, with camps and workshops focusing on engagement with STEM subjects. We provide activities, support and access to possibilities in this area.

Fiosracht is a groundbreaking partnership between IT Tallaght, Foróige, South Dublin Libraries and UK-based social enterprise Project 42. The approach we take helps engage young people with STEM by guiding them through a design process, which is hands on, puts them in the driver seat and focuses on building their confidence, along with soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration and communication.

The Fiosracht camp team. Back row from left: Laura Kelly (Foróige), Lucy McAuley (IT Tallaght) Hugo Thompson (Volunteer), Gerry Ryder (IT Tallaght) Jill Woodnutt (Volunteer) and Peter Donnellan (Fiosracht) Front row From left: Holly May Mahoney (Project 42) and Niall Morahan (Project 42).

'Ideas Sheets' being filled out during our Summer camp 2017

Fiosrachts’ goal has been to provide kids with the facilities to be consciously empowered, focusing on their own perspectives. We have done that in a myriad of ways. We have run camps designing for the year 2050, including cars powered by poo and artificial intelligence that creates a house with empathy, research trips to Transdev where the Fiosracht kids tackled issues of anti-social behaviour, talking at TEDx about our unique approach to engaging with kids and education, partnering and collaborating with big companies like Transdev, IKEA, Cadburys and Chopped, to show how STEM subjects are part of everyday life.

The previous Mayor of Tallaght, Guss O’Connell, had this to say after coming to one of our camp showcases,:

"What I especially like about Fiosracht is that it has no boundaries. The futuristic world imagined and produced in model form by the young people is just fantastic. The adult mentors were there to assist and support but definitely not to judge or build boundaries or barriers. And it worked."

Transport expert Michael Shortall (Horgan Lynch and Partners) and Mayor Guss O’Connell giving feedback to James Lucas and Seán Connaughton (Age 13) on their collapsible house.

Our story is still in the making...

If you are interested in our work and the furture of STEM engagment, you can contact us here.

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The ethos of Fiosracht is to empower young people by providing access to STEM.

We aim to:

  • Attempt to cross different divides to access the "Hard to Reach" young people, especially girls, in local communities.
  • Provide innovative and future facing leadership in STEM empowerment.
  • Create an environment which empowers young people.
  • Engage with young people, their parents and the wider community
  • Serve the catchment area of South County Dublin.
  • Extend our partnership and act as a conduit for further initiatives involving multiple interest groups.

Sponsor and the Partners

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