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Fiosracht has hosted a number of different events, ranging from Design-Thinking workshops and talks, the STEM engaging camps we have run over the year and activities run during Science Week, Engineering Week and Design Week.

Below you will find links to information and documentation of these different initiatives

Fashioneering Camp, Design for the future

Fiosracht and Engineering Ireland are running a camp exploring where Fashion meets Engineering. Over the week we will research and create exciting new designs which blur the lines between Engineering and Fashion.

Who will be running the camp:

Peter Donnellan

– Designer, Creator, Imagineer

Lucy McAuley

– Mechanical Engineer, Lecturer ITT, Robotics and Automation

Gerry Ryder

– Mechanical Engineer, Lecturer ITT,

Click here for a list of links to research material for the camp.


January 2018 STEM Empowerment Workshop


Fiosracht is one year old, and to celebrate, the Fiosracht partners are inviting you to our “Empowering young people through STEM” event.

The DATE and PLACE :

Tuesday 23rd of January 2018
from 10 - 1pm
in the Institute of Technology Tallaght.


Our “Empower Young people through STEM” will showcase what we and our ‘collaborators’ have learnt over the last year, including our unique approach and partnership to engaging with kids and STEM education.

We will run a Design-Thinking workshop for all participants, from the Fiosracht kids to adult attendees. The workshop is to share, learn and create, with a goal of sketching out possibilities and opportunities about the future of STEM education and engagement.

Click here to book your ticket on Eventbrite.


November Transdev Camp

Sponsored and inspired by

In November of 2017 we partnered up with Transdev to create a camp based around designing ing the year 2050, with a specific focus on anti-social behaviour. This is the brief we set for the young people attending the camp.

There will self driving trams, buses and cars in the year 2050. If there is no Transdev workers ON the vehicle, how will they deal with anti- social behavior, emergency situations and damage being done to the tram/bus/car?

During the camp we got the chance to take a guided tour around the Transdev depot at Red Cow, to gather research for the designs. Neil Menzies, the Manager for Environment and Sustainability at Luas, was able to bring us into the control room and allow us access to Luas trams being treated for damage of anti-social behaviour.

There were some amazing ideas from this camp. You might see one of the designs being implemented on a Luas near you in the not too distant future.

On our final day of the camp we had the opportunity to attend the ‘Creative Techfest’ in Google. It was a one day event aimed at promoting and celebrating all thing STEM. It was a very memorable experience.


Summer Camps with Project 42

An excerpt from our press release :

Tuesday 27th June 2017: What do flying houses, cars powered by poo and artificial intelligence designed to build empathy have in common? Yes, they're all wacky ideas but they also may help us address some of the most serious challenges we face as a society in the coming years. All through the month of June, young people from around Tallaght have been coming together to design the transport, habitats, clothing and food of Dublin 2050, as part of the Fiosracht initiative, a groundbreaking partnership between IT Tallaght, Foróige, South Dublin Libraries and UK-based social enterprise Project 42.

The young people (aged 12-14) are set briefs by experts who lay out the challenges in each area, such as overcrowding and pollution, unsustainable materials and the growing need for space. The young people then develop new ideas to address these challenges throughout the week. They follow a 'design thinking' process – first completing research, then having ideas and testing their ideas through simple prototyping. They are supported by a team of designers and engineers who mentor them through the process.

At the end of the week they present their ideas to an audience of impressed adults made up of the experts in each area, parents and figures from the local community such as the mayor of Tallaght, Guss O'Connell.

Mayor O'Connell had this to say after coming to the final presentation,: "What I especially like about Fiosracht is that it has no boundaries. The futuristic world imagined and produced in model form by the young people is just fantastic. The adult mentors were there to assist and support but definitely not to judge or build boundaries or barriers. And it worked."


Engineering Week

During Engineering Week 2017, Fiosracht held half-day camps in Tallaght library, for a number of schools in the South County Dublin catchment area.

The camps were based around STEM learning and how it informs the world about the environment and sustainability. Gerry Ryder talked to the schools about how engineering has a large part to play in solving this big problem. We also had two great presentations from guest speakers from IKEA and Chopped, about how STEM subjects are implemented in both companies’ plans to promote sustainability.

Rory Morahan from Chopped talked to the schools about how Chopped are always trying to create less waste through more efficient models of production. He gave a live cooking demonstration to show that STEM learning is even found in the kitchen. After the cooking demonstration, we all got to eat the tasty burgers he had cooked, YUM!

Grainne Breen from IKEA explained their philosophy of “Live Lagom”, which means ‘just the right amount’, and how they design product in the most efficient way to produce less waste. Grainne presented brand new products from IKEA using sustainable design, including a hydroponic kitchen garden, a product used to grow food in your kitchen only using an LED light.

The final part of the Camp was designing and building a DIY hydroponic system, using waste plastic bottles, after Gerry explained the engineering and amazing benefits behind hydroponic food production. There were some very interesting designs throughout the week.


Science Week

For Science Week 2017, Fiosracht brought a mixed group of Transition year students to IT Tallaght, to introduce them to the campus and the courses on offer.

There were fun activities and STEM based exercises through the week, including Drone flying games, designing and building gas powered bottles rockets and building a hydroponic grow wall.